We're looking forward to seeing friends—old and new. I met with the director at the Sargent Center in Hancock NH again last Monday and we've worked on strategies for housing, meals, classes and general frolic, so we’re good to go.

Can’t wait - 
We’ll see you there!!
  Last Minute Communications
Until Friday morning, call Skip at home: Home: 603.523.7661
Friday - call Skip's Cell: 603.667.1572 
I will be on site Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.

Mary Burdette: (if you can’t reach Skip) 603.677.2178
Sargent Nature Center: 603.525.3311

CHECK-IN: Check-In will take place between 1:00 and 2:30 on Friday, November 6 in
Southern Lodge. As you drive into Sargent Nature Center and see the Sargent Center sign, you
will be facing Northern Lodge (where we’ll be eating our meals). BEAR LEFT and take the fork
that will bring you around the green to SOUTHERN LODGE — our command central where we'll
be hanging out much of the time. See the attached map of the facility. Please drive slowly!
There may be school kids walking around and getting ready to leave the premises (thank
goodness)! It’s fine to PARK for a few hours near Southern Lodge, so come in and check in.
Classes will begin at 3:00pm. Schedule of classes and activities tba shortly.

Lodging: Cabin assignments will be made upon arrival. NOTE: Due to a student outing ending
FIRST TWO CLASSES which end at 5:00pm. So please unload your instruments and what you will
need for the first two classes at Southern Lodge. And please leave the rest of your belongings in
your car until you check into your cabin.

At 5:00pm, you’ll be able to go to your cabin and get settled in. After you've unloaded your
things in your cabin, PLEASE MOVE YOUR VEHICLE to the large lot by the Dining Hall/Northern
Lodge. If walking a few hundred yards is an issue for anyone, we can talk about leaving your
vehicle on campus.

List of Suggested Items to Bring:
1. A pillow and warm sleeping bag (or sheets and warm blankets). All buildings are heated, but
remember this is November in rural NH. You might as well be nice and toasty!
2. Flashlight and batteries.
3. Warm, cozy clothes and rain gear.
4. Musical instruments and tuner. Note: Cabins do not have locks.
5. Beverages/snacks (optional). There will be hors d'oeuvres and a wine and single malt tasting
(compliments of yodeling Skip Gorman) each evening but you may want to bring your own beer
and/or soft drinks. Coffee and tea will be available in Southern Lodge daily.
6. Water bottle and travel mug.
7. Notebook, pen, phone, charger, etc. WI-FI is available in Northern Lodge.