Dedo Norris

Dedo Norris is a bass player who is well known and highly respected throughout the American old-time music scene for her driving, rock steady rhythm which underlays the other instruments of the band. 

She taught herself to play bass in both bluegrass and old-time music styles while attending college (a long time ago), and it’s all been downhill from there.  She has spent decades absorbing the music made in the Round Peak area of Galax, VA and Mount Airy, NC which remains her lifelong love.  Though the bass is her primary instrument in old-time bands, she also plays fiddle in her hometown band, Dedo & the Jaybirds, and occasionally fills in on guitar.  She currently plays bass in the Red Squirrel Chasers and over the years has played in many other configurations with fiddlers Paul Brown, Bruce Molsky, Rafe Stefanini, Brad Leftwich, Judy Hyman, Chirps Smith, and more.  She can be heard on the Red Squirrel Chasers CD “Shakin’ Down the Acorns” and the tribute CD “From the Low Note”.

For the past 20 years, Dedo has also made a name for herself as a dynamic piano accompanist in the Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) tradition. She has been called upon to accompany some of the finest fiddlers of Cape Breton and the “Boston States” including Buddy MacMaster, Jerry Holland, John Campbell, Gordon Cote, Joe Cormier, Kinnon Beaton, Andrea Beaton, Doug Lamey, Skip Gorman, Harvey Tolman, and Roger Treat.  She is a past member of The Boston Kiltics.  Dedo’s passion for the music has given her a deep understanding of this distinctive piano style and its proponents.  She cites John Morris Rankin and Maybelle Chisholm MacQueen as important influences.  She also enjoys chording for Irish and Quebecois music.  Dedo has taught Cape Breton piano accompaniment at Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School and Montana Fiddle Camp.  Her piano playing can be heard on Skip Gorman’s CDs “Halloween Hornpipe” and “Yankee Porridge”.

Lots of music to listen to right here:

The Red Squirrel Chaser