Nick Apollonio


Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin & Fiddle

Vocals, Guitar & Fiddle

Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Vocals 

Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

Guitar, Fiddle, Cittern


Nikos Apollonio is a stringed instrument maker with over 50 years experience, and a multi-instrumentalist living in Rockport, Maine. His work is known internationally, his music less so. But with over a dozen recordings since 1977 of his own and with other folk musicians he offers a variety of styles developed over the last 60 years. proficient on guitar, fiddle, and the less well known 10 string cittern, he has been accompanying musicians like Gordon Bok, Bob Zentz, Skip Gorman, and the quartet Any Monday (from 1991 to 2001) doing mostly Scots and Irish songs and tunes; with a smattering of Spanish and Galician. The cittern has a marvelous sound with fiddle, harp, accordion, uillean pipes, and flute, because of its rich deep sound like a cross between 12 string and mandola. 

He has also recently made a prototype of a Hardanger-type fiddle as an experiment with excellent results; as of April 2017 recording a CD’s worth of mostly his own fiddle tunes composed over the last 30 years. The rich echoing quality of the instrument works well as a harmony or second melody as well as lead playing. 

Recording credits:
  •  1977 Bob  Zentz/ Folk Legacy    ‘Beaucatcher Farewell’
  •  1979 Glenn Jenks, ragtime pianist & pop folk composer 
  •  1988 Cliff Haslam  “     “‘The Clockwinder’
  • 1989 ‘Music of the Maine Coast’ debut cassette
  •  1980’s February Tapes w. Gordon Bok & others
  •  1993  Any Monday ‘The Emerald Shore
  •  1996  W. Kristin Tescher(harp & 12 string) ‘ More Maine Coast Music’
  •  2001 Any Monday ‘The Roll of the Sea’
  •  2007 w. Kristin Tescher & Castlebay  ‘Cittern on the Dock of the Bay’

 ongoing, 3 new CD’s being recorded:
  • Fresh Picked Native Maine Fiddle Tunes
  • Loves lost & Won (ballads etc. & tunes w. cittern & guitar)
  • Lullabyes from Down East ( for the grandkids…)