Susie Burke


Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin & Fiddle

Guitar, Octave Mandolin,

Vocals & Guitar


Vocals, Guitar & Fiddle

Fiddle, Piano

Susie Burke is a dynamic and heartfelt singer of all manner of songs, ranging from folk to blues, swing, and country, all with a voice that was referred to in the Boston Globe as “transporting”, and “unerringly devoted to the lyric”.  Commitment to the song, a wide stylistic range and repertoire, and a special ability to connect with listeners have marked her career, and established her as one of New England’s finest folksingers.

Susie’s repertoire and performances reflect New England’s blend of original and traditional music, and includes original songs as well as songs from the cream of the crop of singer/songwriters, and the American folk/blues world. Her a capella singing is often a highlight of concerts.

In her home studio, Susie teaches a class called “Singing for the Joy of It”, a title which expresses her feeling about singing, publicly, privately, with others and alone. In addition to her solo work, Susie has performed in various duos and bands over the years, but her longest collaboration has been with husband David Surette. 

The Boston Globe has praised her singing, stating she is ”unerringly devoted to the lyric.”  Susie is an accomplished guitarist as well, especially in fingerstyle playing. Her new duo recording with David Surette, Waiting For The Sun, will be released in the summer of 2015.

Over the past decade, Susie has taught guitar and singing classes at Maine Fiddle Camp, Fiddleheads Jam Camp, Boston radio station WUMB’s Summer Acoustic Music Week, Floating Bridge Music Camp and others.